Crop Video in Windows 10 without any software

DiLshad Sys

Staff member
If you have Windows 10 installed on your machine and need to cut a video, be aware that you do not need to install any additional applications to perform this action. Microsoft's operating system natively includes a set of tools for image and video treatments and today we teach you how to crop a video using the Photos app.

How to easily crop a video in Windows 10?

To cut a video in Windows 10 just open the video in question with the Photos app. To do so press the right mouse button on the video and then choose Open As> Photos.

Then from the menu, choose the Cut option

Finally, using the slider that we use to control the position of the video, we indicate which is the new beginning of the video and the end. As the "blue ball" it is possible to do a preview of the part that we will cut and that will be the final video.

And that's basically it! To save the clipped video, just choose the "Save a copy" option (Although you have Windows in PT, Microsoft forgot to translate this part).

As you can see, it is very simple to cut a video using a native Windows 10 tool, so there is no need to install third-party applications. If you know other tips at this level, share with us.