How to create partitions in Windows 10

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Partitioning a disk (whether small or large storage capacity) brings a number of advantages that can be known here .

Creating partitions using Windows is quite simple and fast, but you should be careful if you have to delete any of the maids.

Today we have a small tutorial that teaches you how to easily create partitions in Windows 10.

Creating partitions in Windows 10 can be accomplished using native system tools, without the need to install any additional software. To do this, follow these steps:

For this tutorial we use a system with Windows in English.

If you have any questions, leave in a comment that we help.

Step 1) Press the key Windows + E and then on This PC (My Computer) choose the option Manage (Manage)

Step 2)
Next we chose the Disk Management option in the side menu

Step 3)
Next, on the free disk space, select this part with the right mouse button and choose the option New Simple Volume.

Step 4)
Now we set the disk space for the new volume to create.

Step 5)
We indicate which letter to associate with the new partition created.

Step 6)
Finally we define the file system type, a name for the volume and also the size of the blocks within the created volume.

And it's done! After the previous steps reopen the Windows 10 explorer and verify that they have a new partition available with the space they have defined.