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Compatible XF Versions:
XenForo 1.2 XenForo 1.3 XenForo 1.4 XenForo 1.5
You want a tool which could record all of your emails on Xenforo and review them at another time? This is a fancy add-on allowed you to do that.

Email Message Log could restore every email sent through XenForo and display them on admin interface to review and check it again any time you want. The application supports with 4 standard: sending date, email subject, the main content of the email and the recipients. You could set options for choosing the number of logs per page, delete and clean email logs whenever you want to keep your inbox clean.
- Ability to logged every email sent though XenForo.
- The following are the fields logged by this addon: Sent date, Email subject, Email content, Recipient
- Ability to view sent email from admin interface.
- Ability to set the number of days to store email logs.
- Ability to set the option to display number of logs per page.
- Ability to choose groups that to be excluded to be log their emails.
- Ability to grant permission for specific admin to view email logs.
- Ability to delete an email log and clean email logs.
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