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An Asynchronous Download Counter using PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

New v2.0 Available
  • Converted to jQuery Plugin
  • Very Easy Implementation
  • More Options for Customized Results
  • Now Supports Multiple Downloads on the Same Page

Ajax Download Counter counts and displays asynchronously the number of downloads (or clicks) of a particular file (or link). No need to know how to code.

Main Features
  • Counts Downloads/Clicks by Storing the Data Into the Database
  • Retrieves and displays the Total Number of Downloads
  • Supports Multiple Downloads on the Same Page
  • No Page Refresh is Needed for Storing and Displaying
  • Prevents Duplicate Counting From the Same User
  • Easy Options to Modify Default Functionality
  • Uses PDO to Connect to the Database
  • Supports the HTML5 data* Attribute for ID and Name Retrieval
Installation Instructions
Add a class and data-id to your download link, fill your database credentials in counter.php file and then from within your page, link to jquery.counter.js file. Optionally set your own Options. Done!

Server Requirements
  • PHP 5.x or later
  • MySQL 4.x or later (Requires one Active Database)
  • jQuery 1.5 or later

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