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Craigslist Email Harvester 1.7

♛ Enigma

Super Admin
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Super Admin
Mar 20, 2016
Craigslist Email Harvester 1.7

Craigslist Email Harvester will allow you to collect information of people who are searching for jobs on Craigslist in the resume section and the job section of people posting Craigslist ad.

What you need when using the Craigslist harvest:

First thing you going to need an email verifier after you get the emails from Craigslist, use email verifier; it’s not really important that you do but we would definitely recommend it because it all the email you get some of them might be junk email some of them might not be so great email so you need to have a email verifier that will take out the junks…

But most of the emails will be correct, well known aol, yahoo, gmail, hotmail ect.

You can setup the software just to get emails or you could also get phone numbers if you’re the type of person who would like to call people you can get the phone number and call all day…



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