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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) About Freeware Sys OS.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1) How do I install your windows?

Just burn the ISO image on to a disc using NERO or ULTRA ISO or DVD burner software at very slow speed. Note this if you burn at high speed u may end up in issues!
You can also chose to insall this windows via UFD ( USB Flash Drive ).
Or use Rufus Software to make Bootable USB.

2) How do I install this on a UFD?

Open the image in Ultra ISO > Select Bootable menu > Select Write Disk Image option. Chose your UFD and start writing.

:relievedface: Can I install this OS via USB device ?

Yes U can install this OS via USB thumb drive with minimum capacity of 8 GB. Open the image with ultra ISO and go to bootable menu and select the Write Disk Image, select u r thumb drive and start writing that's it. it ll boot up. However u mother board should allow the USB device booting. For more info see u r mother board carton.

4) What is the difference between your windows and normal OS from Microsoft Corporation?

My Windows is a modified version of Microsoft's. You'll have all the settings preset by me and also you'll have good performance of the OS compared to the native MS'. If you wanna see what tweaks I've made so far, please go through above section for more details.

5) After installation can I update my windows?

After installation you'll have 30 days time to activate your windows. Windows can be activated by online through Microsoft site by paying the amount they charge. This windows is Ultimate version of windows from Microsoft.

6) I cannot update windows, is this due to your modding?

Modding has nothing to do with the updates. I haven't removed any dll files other than MCT themes from Microsoft!! So the diagnose is either you are not running a genuine OS or you've disabled it.

7) You say that you have installed a new boot screen, can I change it?

Ofcourse you can change your boot screen as many times you want. With Win7bootupdater Software By Jaff

8) How do i know that you've not installed or programmed a hacking stuff or bugged into this OS of yours!!

All my windows are genuine and have not at all bugged with any trojans. My windows are clean and promising performance. There are literally a lot of ppl who are using my windows and been happy with it.
NOTE: I have scanned my windows with Mc Afee Total Protection!! and Avast IS 2017

9) Thanks for your products, how can I show my gratitude to you!!?

Send PM to DiLshad Sys Or The Revenger On forum.
Any money sent by you is much appreciated, as u might know this product is a hard work of sleepless nights, energy and many more sacrifices.. So any money sent to my account is much appreciated.

10) How can I help u other than donating or sending you money (Since i dont have paypal account)

Well if you don't have a paypal account u can send me money through some wire transfers or other things. If you don't wanna help me via sending money, you can aid me with sharing the knowledge of yours, may be, GFX or others. You can Upload content on forum and share it with others.

11) Is the fresh installation always necessary?

Yes, fresh installation allows the OS to install it properly. All files will be copied on to your HDD unlike upgrade!!
And other since the OS' are modded you've to choose this option to install this beauty flawlesly!

12) How can i install back Windows Xp over windows 7,8.1,10

First turn the computer on then go to the bios there is a setting in there that lets the computer be sata or ide switch it to ide or turn it off the sata setting save bios settings then boot XP again. If this didn't work then its the computer and how its made / setup.

1:relievedface: Can I install the OS over VISTA/XP

Yes. You can install this OS over vista/xp. Just make a HDD space for this other than the vista/xp drive. Install this OS and u could see vista/xp while booting up in the Other windows section!

14) Does aero effects work ?

Yes. This is a high end OS. All features like Avalon effects etc are enabled for the quality in appearance.
If its not working u need to patch aero effects using Theme patcher.

15) Booting takes more time, what shall i do ?

Well the booting usually take 25,000 ms. if it takes more than it is, then Go to run > type msconfig > go to boot tab > select the NoGUI boot and apply > exit

Further more try to clean the OS with registry cleaner or ccleaner which i have provided.

16) Can i use more registry tweaks ?

It is advisable not to add more registry tweaks that would cause additional issues to u r pc.

17) Can I add more themes ?

Of course u can add millions of themes.

18) I get the freezy look after i install the antivirus !!

This issue is due to UXstyle theme service not working. If u come across this issue please install the UXCorestyle file, it ll work. this service takes not more than 420 KB of mem!!

19) Can I distribute this OS to my pals ?

Of-course u can distribute this OS to any one u want but with 2 things as contraints. U have to distribute it as FREE and with credits to ME [ DiLshad Sys @ Freeware Sys - 2016 ]
I have seen many of my OSs been sold, or redistributed or extra modded and is uploaded. This is really the hideous thing i wouldn't like to see.
I really have to say this cos many of my OS are posted on several websites with out my permission or without crediting me. This is one hella hideous action by the stalkers. Com'on fellas i have sacrificed many things to make this os come alive.

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Hello folks here! need Windows 10 LTSC 2019 x64 last release.

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