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Windows XP Professional Sp2 X64 VL + SATA Drivers Incl July 2016 - Freeware Sys

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System requirements: Minimum: 300 MHz, 128 MB RAM
(some features may be limited) Recommended: 500 MHz or higher, 256 MB RAM or more.
Description : . The installation disk image with the Microsoft Windows® XP Professional SP3 VL ENG + is based on the original image and is designed for recording on CD / DVD or USB flash drive in the system of integrated common Asmedia driver, Intel, AMD , Marvell, NVIDIA, JMicron, Silicon Image is not from the simplex package with manual at the 13th minute of the graphic stage.
The system is updated on 07.22.2016, including all Windows® XP latest updates and also present an update on Windows POSReady 2009 and will be updated to 2019! no major changes have been made. Internet Explorer 6, the Media Player Get the Windows 9. . Set automatic selection except disk install of the BIOS.


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